From The Principal Desk

This makes Bhavnagar Public School different, since teaching and learning by rote is not our cup of tea. Believing that schools have a more comprehensive role to play than mere "educating" children, by making them aware of the beauty of the world around them, and sensitizing them to the environment - social and otherwise, and helping them make responsible choices in life.

Enabling children to see, feel, sense and touch life as it is, BPS builds the base of a future India right from the first step the child takes into this school and shaping them to be responsible and extremely conscientious citizen of India.


Teaching is reflective and informed by best practices. Learning, then, follows almost naturally. The emphasis that teachers make is on enquiry, understanding and appreciation. Students are given opportunities to question, experiment and make sense of what they have learned.

Professional Development

"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge" - Albert Einstein

Teachers are the school's most valuable resource. They act as facilitators in nurturing and enriching the innate talents and potential of each individual child. BPS places a high degree of emphasis on teacher's training and development. A substantial amount of time is devoted to the new teacher's induction as well as in-service training, reflection and review of current practice. We ensure job satisfaction, as this translates into better performance and output.


The school provides vehicle facility to fetch children to and from school. This facility is provided on all working days. The students of playhouse have the option of transport by self.

Our Philosophy

To make a positive difference to the existing system of education and the traditional definition of a school.

To provide for an all round education of the body and mind in a stress free environment, supported by trained personnel, sensitive to the child's needs.

Our Programme seeks

To uphold Indian traditions, combining its culture with modern teaching

To develop inherent skills of the child, besides the regular syllabus.

To broaden their outlook with excursions, field trips and experiential learning.


Our belief in this age old adage has prompted us to provide for a wide variety of activities. These will provide stimulation to the body and mind.